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Two Thousand Sixteen (2016) marks the New Milestone of Our Company as a Corporation. As the year started, I have realized that there is still a need for our company to serve the greater public because of the fast growing infrastructure in both the government and the public sectors. From this idea I saw the greater opportunity to establish a corporation to be able to contribute to the realization of a better country to become the number one choice of the investors, foreign or local by and thru providing quality lift products, electrical supplies and maintenance services, creating jobs among our countrymen and paying taxes religiously with honesty and dignity. It is our little way to at least ease the time immemorial problem of the country-the UNEMPLOYMENT.

As a response to number 7 and 8 of the president Duterte’s 10-point economic agenda which are: 7. Invest in human capital development, including health and education systems, and match skills and training to meet the demand of businesses and the private sector and 8. Promote science, technology, and the creative arts to enhance innovation and creative capacity towards self-sustaining, inclusive development. We in AGP is gearing towards establishment of a training center to cater the needs of business industry specifically on the technical aspects of the infrastructure businesses such as high rise building (residential, hospitals, schools, malls, etc.) construction along with the standards set by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

One of the strategies that AGP is doing is the excellent training acquisition certificates from the experts in the fields of construction such as COSH, BOSH, OSHC, TESDA, OHSAS, and the long term organizational strategy on excellence acquisition such as ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001. With these, we can realize our short, medium and long term objectives to be the role model to those who are aspiring to be part of an institution composed of a VIEGOR group of people. VIEGOR means Visionary, Innovative, Energetic, Gregarious, Optimistic, and Realistic young individuals who compel and bind themselves, time, effort, talents, skills, and even emotions just to share even a little to their mother land- the Philippines.

In behalf of our AGP Elevator Inc. family, I would like to say thank you and let us work hand and hand and be partners in doing business to a bountiful years ahead.

Absolute Greater Performance

                   President / CEO